Alice Briccola

Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Heritage from the University of Milan and Master’s Degree in Archaeological, Artistic and Landscape Heritage from the University of Bologna, (110L/110L.).
Dynamic and reflective, passionate about reading, road trips and animated films.
She is involved in production assistance and the organization of Vertigo Syndrome exhibitions, with a focus on content creation and related social media management.

Sarah Caterina Bonzi

She attended the Theatre School “Teatro Obliquo” and completed training at the Accademia Teatro Alla Scala as a theatrical hairstylist.
Passionate about reading and cinema, in Vertigo Syndrome Sarah is in charge of, among other things, audience assistance, hall surveillance, production assistance, exhibition secretary, and staff coordination, with strong problem solving skills and excellent people skills.


Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design at Politecnico di Milano and Master’s degree in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies at NABA.

Always interested in the relationship between art and design, at Vertigo Syndrome she is in charge of the exhibition layout and internal infographics.

Irene Verrascina

Professional office manager
Her organizational and stress management skills enable her to offer a wide range of quality services to support various business functions.
A lifelong enthusiast and constantly striving to achieve the best in her personal and professional spheres. Mother and wife, lover of life in all its nuances and a staunch practitioner of the “here and now.”

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