Do you have an exhibition space and want to bring a special art exhibition to life?

Vertigo Syndrome: we bring a line of enthusiasts and curious people out of museums

We give you the opportunity to host our exhibitions to attract an audience beyond just art experts.

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Vertigo Syndrome offers museums, foundations, galleries, private or public exhibition spaces the opportunity to create memorable events not only for fans of the works but for anyone who enjoys exciting experiences. Increasing visitor numbers, ticket sales and media attention.
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Why choose us

Art exhibitions can attract people who are usually bored at exhibitions if you are able to tell them as something that will surprise them, stimulate them to be curious, make them think, and give them interesting insights to share with friends.

Unlike other production companies that hide boredom behind the alibi of culture our mission is to fascinate and entertain visitors even before the opening, turning the theme of the exhibition into a clear and engaging message. Here’s how.

Extensive coverage in local and national newspapers

With the help of excellent Press Offices we bring the event and its host space into the limelight. We adopt influencer marketing strategies to reach audiences not considered by museum institutions, expanding the visitor base.

In-bookshop sales strategies

We select limited-run products for the bookshop and apply sales techniques with time offers, bundles, and follow-up messages to stimulate purchase and raise profit margins.

Unique promotional tools

For promotion, we use not only traditional tools (billboards and posters), but channels of different types, such as marketing automation, which allows us to maintain dialogue with visitors to engage them in subsequent events.

Live designers and set designers for staging

Vertigo exhibitions have special layouts, immersive rooms, special effects. The museum space can count on the support of our team of specialists for space design and staging.

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