The Vertigo Method

We are aware of this: reading panels of technical details and dates is not attractive. When you leave an exhibition like this, everything seems to fade from memory after a few minutes.

Our idea is to create, with an exhibition, experiences that link and reinforce each other with the common mission of giving people new engaging things to do, hear, or see.

People want surprise, wonder, and most importantly (never more so than today) the opportunity to share that wonder. Vertigo Syndrome wants that the means to achieve this can also be an art exhibition.

To do this, we follow a real method
of exhibition composition…

To do this, we follow a real method of exhibition composition…

(Really) unique Bookshops

The attention to detail of the exhibition starts from the bookshops. In addition to typical products, in the store we carry original products designed by us and various artists, handmade and in connection with the exhibition. Unique items that can be purchased only at Vertigo exhibitions.

Exhibition in the exhibition

Each of our exhibition projects uses the collaboration of an artist, who interprets the theme in a contemporary key in his or her own personal vision. The artist's performance makes the event unique to attend.

Site-specific exhibition

Our exhibitions are designed for a specific location and use the characteristics of the space each time to create a unique experience for the visitor. The same exhibition in a different space will always be a whole new exhibition.

Immersive Rooms

We do not offer classic projections, but theater-like situations that involve the visitor by immersing him or her in the historical context, atmosphere and spirit of the subject matter, stimulating the senses and emotions. Spectacular experiences, which can be told and shared.

Collateral Events

For each exhibition we work to create a full calendar of workshops, lectures, screenings and other varied side events in theme with and complementing the exhibition.

Experience for
children and young people

For us, the exhibition must be engaging not only for the adults, but also for the youngest. Children who visit a Vertigo Syndrome exhibition do not receive the usual coloring sheet with pencils, but are entertained with games, treasure hunts and interactive thematic paths designed especially for them.
Vertigo Syndrome exhibitions do not dwell on pedantic biographies and endless explanations.

They don’t force you to squint at panels of dates and technicalities.

None of this entertains. It does not bring you closer to the work, to the artist, or to that emotion that we naïvely call “enthusiasm” today, but which in ancient Greece was mystical impulse of closeness to the gods.

Bring your space to life with a Vertigo Syndrome-style exhibit
If you have a museum space to devote to an exhibit, Vertigo Syndrome can create everything you need to spark visitors’ curiosity: immersive rooms, thematic games, stimulating play areas for children, and high-margin bookshop products. Find out all the details from here.

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